Since the fountain first rose over the newly developed community of Fountain Hills in 1970, residents have stepped up to volunteer their talents, enriching and enhancing the quality of life for all calling the former P-Bar cattle ranch home.   This strong spirit of volunteerism did not diminish with the town's incorporation in 1989 as evidenced by two residents whose visions and efforts led to the development of our organization that still serves the senior residents of our community today.


    In July of 1990 Marti Lemieux, a member of the interim Town Council, responded to a community need of supplying meals to the homes of seniors in temporary distress.   Her persistent efforts to work with various agencies as well as through the red tape and many challenges resulted in the birth of Home Delivered Meals, which is now administered by the Town.

     Another community visionary who stepped forward following the Town's incorporation was John O'Flynn, a successful and retired CEO who had the dream that Fountain Hills should have its own standalone Senior Center.  After its modest beginning in the Kiwanis Building where a collection of loaner medical equipment began, small activities held and volunteers met, John and a handful of like-minded believers organized as Senior Services, Inc. and joined the meal delivery efforts, further advancing the mission to serve seniors.

     A significant opportunity arose in 2002 when Maricopa County Library moved out of Town Hall Building C (currently the Medical Complex on Palisades) to the newly constructed voter approved facility on LaMontana.  An actual Senior Service Activity Center was able to move into the remodeled space left by the library expanding its programming activities and opportunities.  A ribbon cutting celebration was held attended by local dignitaries, Chamber members and enthusiastic volunteers.

     As activities, services and participation grew so did the efforts to raise funds for a permanent separate senior service facility.  However, construction of a new Town Hall vacating space at the old town hall and modifications at the new Community Center to accommodate senior activities, made the future of a separate facility uncertain.  The Senior Services Foundation, formed to protect and invest these funds, redirected them to support existing and new programs and activities to benefit the senior community through Senior Services Inc.

     Senior Services Inc was recently rebranded as "Encore for More" to demonstrate the organization's ongoing commitment to fulfill its mission to offer retirees even more opportunities to enhance their lives.  Encore is now affiliated with the well-established Fountain Hills Civic and Cultural Association (FHCCA) and the Fountain Hills Community Foundation to continue gowning and expanding our mission.  After a thirty year history of improving the lifestyle of seniors in Fountain Hills this new association will ensure the needs of seniors remain an integral focus to our community.

     Please accept our invitation to enjoy a more detailed, interactive, and entertaining review of the people "behind the scenes" who have made serving seniors an essential component of Fountain Hills and helped us to evolve into Encore for More.  Go to the HOME page and click on the video prepared by former President Lynn Strang for the 30th Anniversary Celebration that took place on February 13, 2020.

     Consider joining us to serve, contribute or enjoy all that Encore has more to offer.  Your participation will be a rewarding experience that will continue the fifty-year spirit of volunteerism in Fountain Hills and perpetuate our Town logo's slogan as being "all this is Arizona"!